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By installation of our containers, you  will be able to use the collection point space better and simultaneously improve its  aesthetic  appearance  and  tidiness.  They  are  suitable  for collecting  glass,  paper,  plastic  and  residual  mixed  municipal waste. 

Our containers are characterized by aesthetic design, functionality, easy operation and long service life without maintenance. Their appearance  does  not  disturb  the  urban  development  but  they suitably complement it on the contrary.

Large capacity allows for an extension of the loading interval and a reduction in the cost of transport.  

Total  volume is 3-6 m3 depending on the size that our customer needs.

Emptying 1 container takes 3-4 minutes.


Our containers are made of steel  and embedded into  the ground,  protected  by  an  external  concrete  silo.

Main advantages

  • A significantly higher collection point capacity, all the container capacity is underground

  • Collection frequency reduction, leading to lower costs and reducing negative impacts on the environment (less CO2 emissions, less noise and traffic)

  • All the waste is stored below the ground level with lower and  more stable temperature, slowing waste decomposition and odor reduction

  • Waste is stored up to a height of 2.7 m, resulting in better compaction by its own weight

  • Aesthetic appearance and cleanliness of the collection point that does not overflow with garbage


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